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Breaches of the following terms and conditions may result in termination of your licence.

Licence Time Frame

  • Unless agreed in written form by eLearn Resources Ltd licence agreements will be terminated on:
    - Northern hemisphere - 8th July of the following year.
    - Southern hemisphere - 8th December of the current year.
    - All users at NZ schools are required to register under the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Should you decide to continue with your current and/or another subject/level then you will need to re-register and a new payment will be required.


This site and all its intellectual property, including but not limited to; layout, text, graphics and copyright is owned by eLearn Resources Ltd. All copyright laws apply. No material may be copied, stored or distributed in any format without it being agreed in written form by eLearn Resources Ltd. All rights reserved.


While eLearn Resources Ltd will endeavour to make all the material on this site accurate, and provide a secure network, it is licensed on an "as is" and "as available" basis and without warranty of any description. All faults accepted. eLearn Resources Ltd has the right to change and/or upgrade material on this site at their discretion.


Licences will be issued on a non-refundable, non-transferable basis.

Individual Licences

  • Individual licences are issued for the individual only.
  • Individuals are responsible for the security of their own licence and password.
  • It is the individual's responsibility to ensure no access to materials is passed to a third party.
  • Individual licences allocated to a school can be monitored by the school admin/teachers.

School Licences

  • School licences are allocated to the invoiced school. They belong to the school and not an individual. The school is responsible for the security of their own licence and password.
  • The school licence comes with a set number of individual licences. Additional individual licences can be purchased. The generic school access will not track results.
  • Materials may not be copied, stored or distributed in any format whatsoever to a third party.

N.B Student test results will only be available for those individual students who sign up for an individual licence.


eLearn Resources Ltd will endeavour to keep all user information private. We may use this information for our own research and we may contact users regarding other offers.

In registering for this site it is accepted that you have read and agree to all the above terms and conditions. Breaches of these terms and conditions will result in a termination of your licence and any necessary legal action may be taken.

This agreement shall be governed by New Zealand law and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.


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